International Tour

Booking Information for

Rabbi Dr. Asher Wade

America & Canada Lecture Tour

From: Sunday, May 4th until Wednesday, June 4th, 2008


Please, check with your community calendar to see which two or three possible dates (or Shabbaton) in May are open and work for you.  After that, contact me by phone, fax or email to see if any of these dates are open and which ones you would like to book for your community.



One Evening Lecture: $ 950

Shabbaton: $ 1,950 (3 lectures)

Special Price for Day-Time School Lectures

For more details see Asher Wade’s Website:


List of Lecture topics:

  1. A Pastor’s Conversion to Judaism – A `must’ for all first-time audiences.
  2. From Pastor to Frum Jew – Judaism & Christianity: A Path of Discovery.
  3. G-d didn’t Die in Auschwitz – Answering the question: Where was G-d in the Holocaust?
  4. What’s the Point? – Ethical Monotheism: The Purpose of Judaism
  5. Prayer & Davening: The Personal Connection
  6. “Parents-at-Risk”: The Psycho-Social Reasons for Jewish Teen Dropouts
  7. E=MC?: Creation, Relativity & Metaphysics – Parallels in Kaballah & Cosmology.
  8. The Blessing, “…for not having made me a woman.” Women’s Issues in Judaism.
  9. Shabbos: The Day of the “Queen”- Where Work is not Work, & Do’s are not Don’ts!
  10. A Kiruv Training Seminar – Ten Major Points in Bringing Jews Back to Judaism.


Contact Information:


Home phone: 001 – (972-2) 532-3004

24hr. Direct-Fax: 1-(509) 351-5421 (U.S.A. #)


“In the rapid-fire style of a professional comedian, Reb Asher had the audience of mostly younger people at Tifereth Beth David Jerusalem Synagogue in stitches.

Canadian Jewish News, Montreal

“Inspirational, …Rabbi Wade made his talk quite a powerful experience.”

The London Jewish Chronicle

“The audience was transfixed throughout his lecture” –

Philadelphia Times newspaper